zero waste

New processes, materials and formulations towards a more circular economy

In the scope of the "Zero Waste" goal, Neutroplast, in partnership with INEGI, presents an innovative proposal for the creation of recycled packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The project RREDUCE- Reuse and Recycling in an Integrated Circular Process that aims to recover, reintegrate and implement a continuous recycling of secondary raw materials ("industrial waste") from the production of pharmaceutical packaging, by extrusion- and injection-blow moulding.


Reusing and recycling plastic industrial waste in a circular process, on the pharmaceutical, food and/or cosmetic sectors


Implementing a pilot R&D line in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources (virgin raw materials)


Promoting industrial synergies for the creation of a waste sharing network, allowing the development of new products


Investing in innovative methodologies that drive the production of new recycled materials


neutroplast inegi

The RREDUCE project, in partnership with INEGI, aims at the continuous Recovery, Reintegration and Recycling of secondary raw materials ("industrial waste") with a goal to achieve the "zero waste" concept, has already had its first results.

Following the work carried out in the first year of the project, Neutroplast is now a zero waste industry. Today, we reintegrate more than 90% of our production surplus, which translates into important savings in the consumption of virgin raw materials and a reduction in waste generation. In addition to the activities developed so far in the project implemented to reintegrate secondary raw materials in its production processes, Neutroplast is registered in the APA (Portuguese Environmental Agency) as a waste manager. This step was taken as part of the project in the area of synergies with other companies and the search for new business lines. Thus, the waste produced that cannot be reintegrated into internal production processes is forwarded to other companies and used in the development of products of another nature, eliminating the waste stock at Neutroplast.

This is another firm step on the path to a more circular economy.

Co-financed by
COMP5050 (2020)
Total eligible expenditure: 1.044.104,99
Financial support: 761.270,32
Measure: SI I&DT Empresarial - Co-promotion
Duration: 01/07/2020 - 31/03/2023 (33 months)